Fix Your Geyser Using These Proven Methods

Coming back home from a trip –Tired, dirty, tussled and torn. The remedies are nothing else but a hot shower followed by a warm meal and a fluffy bed. The last two are easy enough to come by except the hot shower especially when your geyser’s broken down. You might be thinking there’s not much you can do about it, which my friend is so wrong indeed. This post is all about the sure shot ways to put your water heating application back into action.

More often than not, it is the thermostat. A broken thermostat can play havoc with your temperature control mechanism. Sometimes, you get your water too hot, sometimes not hot enough and sometimes cold like the blizzards. Yet other occasions, murky semi cold liquid not fit for washing your hands let alone a shower. So always take care of the thermostat to avoid an accidental freeze or an unfortunate scalding. It is always a good idea to check on the thermostat and do away with the hassle instead of putting it off.

Draining the geyser also helps a lot. It is relatively easy to find the drain tap and attach a hose on it to drain the entire thing. You drain it and then drain some more. Turning in the element after cleaning the sealing face of the geyser and with sensible precautions, turning out the old element is far from being a formidable task. Then, simply reconnect the element and fill it up while checking for loose connections or leaks, if at all.

Sometimes a geyser makes weird noises. It either makes a humming noise, clatters or simply hisses. It can be due to the salt or mineral deposition at the base of the contraption and must be cleaned out to ensure proper functioning. Cleaning the water tank completely can really help to solve this problem and can ask the experienced plumber in Toronto.

Leaks and loose connections also play havoc with a geyser with the constant dripping leading to water wastage resulting in lesser heat than required. In this case, call for plumbing services and have the leak fixed soon. Checking the drain valve and getting it replaced if damaged is also a great idea.

Sometimes, the circuit breaker is not working and may have to be replaced and at other times, the water heating tank is the culprit and needs replacement. But what with all the complex to-do tidbits, more often than not, all it takes is just a simple push to the reset button to have your machine up and running and the water coming out hot and purifying. Most of these solutions require low-budget fixes, such as changing a part. Others just may require more extensive repairs, such as draining out your water heater or getting a new one which can burn a hole in your pocket.

If it important to know how to fix the thing, it is even more useful to have some idea of what to do before you even install it. Water pipes should be checked and any blockage should be cleared right away to avoid the danger of being spattered with an icy shower and a freezing head. MCB protection should be used for electrical connections and safe insulated connections are a must to avoid electrocution.

Hot showers are a luxury and should remain so without turning into a peril for anyone’s life.

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